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Live and Mural works:
1998- City of Pasto, Street Art
1998- Cultural Center of Pasto
1999- Universidad De Nariño (Nariño University)
2001- Ciudad Universitaria de Bogotá (The University City of Bogotá)
2002- Ciudad Universitaria de Bogotá (The University City of Bogotá)
– Colombia Carnavalle Pasto (Carnival of Pasto, Colombia)
*Body painting
*Designing and painting fancy cars for the Festival.

Besides of drawing, he sculptures and designes interior paintings for quarters.

1999- Cultural Center of Pasto El Tambo, collective
2001- Universidad De Nariño (NariñoUniversity), personal, oil painting
2002- Universidad De Nariño (NariñoUniversity), personal
2002- Universidad De Nariño (Nariño University), collective
2003- Universidad De Nariño (NariñoUniversity)
2011- Colombia Medellin CMYK Art Gallery, collective
2013- 3. Hobby Festival in Antalya, collective
2013- Golden Orange Art Gallery in Antalya, personal

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