Yeasua Lara Martinez was born in 1978 in San Juan De Pasto, Colombia. After he graduated from high school  he left home  to trace his roots and he traveled all over South America for three years. He lived with local tribes and shamans. In order to convey his experiences to his art more better, he started to Academy of Fine Arts in 2001.

In 2006 he graduated with a first degree from Narino University (Universidad De Narino) with the title "Master In Visual Arts". Between 1998 and 2012 by his painting exhibitions, murals and performances  he has become a well known artist in Colombia in a short period of time. Many times he has practiced body paintings for models, dancers etc. at "Carnaval de Blancos y Negros en Pasto" Colombia , also he had been designed and constructed carnival vehicles. He also made  sculptures and wall works for decoration purposes.

Universal love, nature and shamanic roots are the inspiration for the artist. He relies on the healing effect of the paintings he create.  While he paints; he feels as a channel that conveys the beauty of God through inspiration from the divine, and this way contributes to universal healing through his method.

Between 2012-2015 and 2017-2019 Yeasua  Lara Martinez had lived in Turkey for a while, he opened exhibitions, painted many murals and made some other art work. After a while he went back to Colombia again. 

Since March 2019 he is based in Colombia and continues to work at his personal artstudio.


1998 / Street Art performance, Pasto / Colombia – Personal

1998 / Pasto Culture House / Colombia – Collective

1998 / Narino University, Pasto / Colombia - Collective

1999 / Pasto El Tambo Culture House / Colombia - Collective

1999 / Narino University, Pasto / Colombia - Collective

2001 / Narino University, Pasto / Colombia - Personal

2001 / Bogota National University live performance / Colombia - Personal

2002 / Bogota National University live performance / Colombia - Personal

2002 / Narino University, Pasto / Colombia - Collective

2003 / Narino University, Pasto / Colombia - Collective

2011 / Medellin CMYK Art Gallery / Colombia - Collective

2013 / Antalya 3rd International Hobby Festival live performances and exhibition / Turkey - Personal

2013 / 50th International Golden Orange Film Festival Art Gallery / Turkey - Personal

2014 / Muratpasa Municipality of Antalya / Turkey - Personal


  • DEJALO SER, 2001, 26mx4m, University Cesmag (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • CRISTO SEMBRADOR, 2002, 9m x 2.4m, University Cesmag (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • FLORESER, 2003, 16mx5m, University Cesmag (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • CASA WIPALA, 2004, 18mx7m, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • NATURAL MYSTIC, 2005, 9mx2m, University Mariana (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • NINA MARIA, 2005, 8m x 2.4m, University Mariana (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • COLEGIO CARMELITAS, 2006, 60mx2m, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • UNIVERSAL JUSTICE, 2009, 9mx2.2m, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • FUENTE EMPASTO, 2011, 35m2, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • PACHAMAMA, 2012, 12mX6m, Teatro Aire Libre, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)
  • ESPIRITU PYESENTE, 2012, 40mx6m, Teatro Aire Libre, (Pasto, Narino, Colombia)